Teacher quotes in hindi

माता-पिता जीवन देते हैं, लेकिन जीने की कला तो शिक्षक ही सिखाते हैं | ~ अरस्तु

गुरु की डांट-डपट पिता के प्यार से अच्छी है | ~ शेख सादी

अपने विवेक को अपना शिक्षक बनाओ |

11 Responses to Teacher quotes in hindi

  1. sowmiya says:

    need more please post to my email id my Hindi sir got transfer so i m giving these types of quotes : )

  2. nikhar says:


  3. ruzin says:

    Please send some dohas showing importance of Guru(teachers)

  4. rajendra says:

    very impressive

  5. Surbhi Lakhawat says:

    i want some quotes showing power of teachers…. Please mail me.

  6. nice lines & very impressive thoughts i'”m loving it

  7. Marian Raj says:

    please send some more quotes to my mail id please

  8. rita thakker says:

    V good.Needs more. Quotes on guru

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