Honesty quotes in hindi

मनुष्य की प्रतिष्ठा ईमानदारी पर ही निर्भर है | ~ अज्ञात

ईमानदार मनुष्य ईश्वर की सर्वोत्कृष्ट कृति है | ~ अज्ञात

“Integrity has no need of rules.” – Albert Camus
“ईमानदारी किसी कायदे कानून की मोहताज़ नहीं होती।” – आल्बेर कामू

9 Responses to Honesty quotes in hindi

  1. falaq says:

    thx alot……its really good….i luv it…..its very helpfu….

  2. moin rose says:

    emandar admi ki pehchan…uski koi emage ni hoi or log usko pagal kahenge………

  3. yogendra singh parihar says:

    its great words.
    i read it follow it.
    and change my life

  4. ramkumar says:

    can i get hindi quotes with english translation

  5. Mehvash says:

    really inspirational quotes….
    life is teaching us so many things it is sooo hard to absorb everything and b’come a good person……..But we can…cant we ????

  6. Anshul jha says:

    i luv it
    it is so helpfull for children
    thanx for this 😀

  7. pankaj saini says:

    honest friendship

  8. Hari shankar Jajathali says:

    Integrity is Essential part in Human life, so Man should be Honest.

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